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Electric Oratory

Electric Oratory Cover

"Electric Oratory"

Michel Kristof: guitar, sitar, tabla, tape manipulations

Recorded in Paris, June 2013

Piece N.1 : guitar, sitar, tabla Piece N.0 : sitar, tabla Piece N.2 : guitar, tabla

Oratory: a place of prayer, as a small chapel or a room for private dévotions

Michel's recent activities that will come out in albums soon are: recording sessions with Sabu Toyozumi, Sonny Simmons (over 7 hours of music recorded and ready to be edited!), Jay Reeve, Vinnie Paternostro, Aurélie Gerlach, Julien Palomo, Anton Mobin, Akab Ondage, Alexei Borisov, Ayato... collaborations with Nobodi Soundz, Vinnie Paternostro and Jay Reeve

And, of course, with Julien Palomo - new releases of the kraut-noise duo Other Matter!

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