сбогом хиляди
о​​​м​​​а​​​й​​​н​​​а т​​​и​​​ш​​​и​​​н​​​а​​​, п​​​о​​​г​​​ъ​​​л​​​н​​​и м​​​е​​​!

о​​​м​​​а​​​й​​​н​​​а т​​​и​​​ш​​​и​​​н​​​а​​​, п​​​о​​​г​​​ъ​​​л​​​н​​​и м​​​е​​​! Cover

/allow yourself to be consumed/

"in the beginning of the summer i acquired a broken electric organ from the 70s. after renovating it i fell in love with it's raw sound. it was alive and it had a story to tell.

later i got the chance to travel trough central europe. it was an almost non-stop journey. travelling at time more than 15+ hours a day. your body stops feeling the motion. the landscape became a moving decor. a peculiar soundtrack started to form from all the road noises, the static of the radio and the low chatter of the other passengers. time became irrelevant and abstract. my thoughts formed a stream, shifting from sleep and wake. detached form the outside world nothing truly existed.

when i got back home i wanted to experience this state again - this constant moving, this silence that was never really silent. a place outside of time.

the organ + some field recordings done on the go formed a huge mass sonically inspired by this trip but also by my search of a sanctuary.

омайна тишина, погълни ме! (bewitching silence, swallow me whole!) is an album dedicated to the need of nothingness and the passage of time. as anxiety saturates our everyday life we find ourselves struggling to find space. this album provided me with the space i needed and i hope it will do the same for you."


Released December 3, 2023 as free (cc) digital download and limited cassette edition.

music / recording / mix / master: bozhidar savov
art work / cover: yoanna laskova

NOTE: cassettes will be ready and shipping around the end of December 2023