Willy Stamati
I Don't Want To Listen To You

I Don't Want To Listen To You Cover

"I Don't Want To Listen To You" is Willy Stamati's debut on Mahorka, but he is far from a debutante on the scene. He started his one-man sound experimentation project in 2007, working his way up from darkwave and neoclassic to post-industrial dark ambient and noise, creating and releasing numerous albums in different styles. The main theme, the context set for "I Don't Want To Listen To You", as with most of his music, is life. And life at its lowest displays that is. From worst human features to faults of development, the gloomy atmosphere of the music calls thoughts about doom, despair and realization of self-insignificance. Dwelling underneath, though, and sprinkled here and there, you get dull, but warm and pulsating spots of hope, refusal to go with the acknowledged.