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In The Air (The Remixes)

In The Air (The Remixes) Cover

Just as in the first Netlabel Day ever (2015) Mahorka is participating in the second Netlabel Day (2016) with a very special release of reworked and exclusive tracks from a very special project. This time the original works come from Captive Portal (Zach Bridier)'s debut EP "Throwing" and his follow-up "Catching", both on Mahorka. "In The Air (The Remixes)" was in the works for a period of more than this one year from the last 14th of July and, as the album title suggests, manages to fill all the space and time in between and around "Throwing" and "Catching", featuring reworks from dear Mahorka regulars, Captive Portal collaborators and invited artists, including Fire To The Stars, the band that we reworked last year, and also Zach on its own, delivering the awesome intro and outro tracks of the album - a live remix of his "Magic Bubbles Underwater" and the brand new track "In The Air".

released July 14, 2016

  1. Magic Bubbles Underwater (Live Remix)
    Performed live by: Captive Portal
    Live @ Pub Yahoo, Carol Stream, IL, USA (September 13, 2014)

  2. Don't Tickle Me (Mas&Delayer Remix)
    Remixed by: Mas&Delayer (Massimo Solari)

  3. This Minus Five (Fire To The Stars Rework)
    Remixed by: Fire To The Stars (Daniel Beekman, Petter Bertilsson, Chloe Davies, Cat Tyson Hughes, Jim McDonald, Tim Spelman)

  4. Beautiful Reciprocal (Vatska! Remix)
    Remixed by: Vatska! (Alexander Vaca)

  5. Mister Really Loves You (Kevin Bryce Remix)
    Remixed by: Kevin Bryce

  6. Oak Bloke (Josh Buche Remix)
    Remixed by: Josh Buche (Josh Gablin)

  7. Пееща телеграма (Yantra Bottom Mix by Tranzistor)
    Remixed by: Tranzistor (Ventseslav Dimitrov & Peter Koleff)

  8. This Minus Five (Protuberance Darkstep Remix)
    Remixed by: Protuberance (Ivelin Iliev)

  9. Don't Tickle Me (Knot Limcedet Remix by Rės)
    Remixed by: Rės (Todor Rachinski)

  10. Internally Grateful (Mas&Delayer Remix)
    Remixed by: Mas&Delayer (Massimo Solari)

  11. Not Locrian (Rise 1969 Remix)
    Remixed by: Rise 1969 (William Mahfoud)

  12. Pause Zit If IV Shadow (JAD Remix)
    Remixed by: John Alden Davis

  13. This Minus Five (Kanalen Pluh Mutation)
    Remixed by: Kanalen Pluh (Nikola Marinov)

  14. Beautiful Reciprocal (Half Mix)
    Remixed by: Half (Jonny Gray)

  15. In The Air
    Written & Performed by: Captive Portal

Zach Bridier is Captive Portal.
Produced & Compiled by: Ivo Petrov & Zach Bridier
Mastered by: Zach Bridier
Photography, Design & Illustration: Taylor Likes