Ökoton Cover

Waldgrenze (border of the forest) - the project of Theo Kovalev (Wave Resistance), focused on ambient and experimental electronic music, as well as acoustic sound production experiments and field recordings, is inspired by the ecological idea of friendly coexistence of two opposing sides - nature and technology. Born in joint improvisational jam sessions with other artists, the project eventually transformed and acquired its own sound character, retaining the original idea of the changes made to live recordings to preserve the feeling of "here and now", where in each composition you can hear the unique state of different places.

The third Waldgrenze album "Ökoton" is dedicated to the boundary between Earth and space in order to emphasize the unity of people living on a tiny planet in the middle of the infinity. The word ecotone was coined from a combination of eco(logy) plus -tone , from the Greek oikos (house) and tonos (tension) – in other words, a place where ecologies are in tension.

released May 13, 2022

Music and cover by Theo Kovalev.

Mastering by Anatoly Grinberg.
Participated in recordings:
Vadim Rumyantsev (1,7 track) - electronics;
Alexander Shumilichev (2 track) - electronics;
Andrey Podolin (8 track) - vocal, flute;
Anton Popov (9 track) - sitar.