Moki Mcfly

Armozel Cover

Armozel (or Osirus II) is Moki Mcfly's second release on Mahorka and part of the 5 EPs conceptual project that started with his debut on the label Osirus V. The creative energy in this particular EP is directed towards building textures very subtle in a deep granular discourse. The most visceral sound designs in the series tend to occur during short abstractions, but here in Armozel Moki took some of those ideas and explored them at length, filling the tracks with details that can take some time to soak in. On headphones, you can explore the music one motif at a time, as if each track was a small landscape. Bird sounds and distant noises are subtly there so as to function subliminally while the closer, central space is occupied by swirl deep bass, stop-start drums and a continual surging synth lines that sound like swarms of bugs. And then there are distant, echoing keyboard lines that haunt certain tracks like ghosts growing out of the chords that swell underneath. They slip in and out of phase with the underlying drums in a manner that imparts an extra measure of calm uneasiness.

Given the music's hermetic feel, one can easily sense that this is a period where analog synthesis is reaching full maturity and digital synthesis is in its earlier stages, when the tape-driven Mellotron manifests in space with the digital fairlight and divine timbres are being explored. These tracks unfurl, grow, shrink, but they don't exactly form at a certain convention, at least not in some expected way. The layering of the various sounds offers a different way each time one goes through, the tone and emotional content varying according to what one chooses to pay attention to. There are sounds behind sounds and sounds underneath sounds and you can find yourself sifting through the layers, turning the pieces inside-out.

released 11 December 2014