Andreas Rönnquist
The Mysterious Figure Turned Out to be a Parasol

The Mysterious Figure Turned Out to be a Parasol Cover

Released February 11, 2024

Andreas Rönnquist was born in the small city Finspång, Östergötland, Sweden, and is now based just outside Halmstad on the Swedish west coast. Being a fan of dark ambient, drone, industrial and experimental music since the mid to late nineties, it has taken until the 20ies until he has started making music himself - taking inspiration from the stuff he listened to in the 90ies and also what he has discovered lately, he tries to create hypnotic atmospheres for the listener to sink into using heavily processed guitars, found sounds and field recordings. Andreas Rönnquist has released music on Do You Dream of Noise? (Sweden), Gates of Hypnos (Poland), and is featured on the "New State of Flux" double-CD compilation on Reverse Alignment (Italy). His debut on Mahorka, titled "The Mysterious Figure Turned Out to be a Parasol" presents yet another step in his own path of exploration of unknown ruinous realms and deeply sunken eerie sounds.