Somnoroase Păsărele

AUTO​[​2] Cover

Released May 5, 2024 as free (cc) digital download and limited cassette edition.

"From the get-go, it's been pretty obvious that there is no set formula or path to Gili Mocanu's Somnoroase Păsărele project, with no strict rules that would block off one approach or another – just a commitment to working in the moment and staying open to whatever signals are there to be channeled. Frans de Waard summed it up quite well in his notes on the first 'AUTO' installment, saying "It is a bit of everything; one can hear the influence of techno music, industrial music, minimalism, and cosmic synthesizers […] and while they are finished as compositions, I don't think these pieces are to be understood as pop songs", adding that the vibe is more about stimulating the mind than moving the feet.

This collection brings together a different set of pieces into the self-contained system that is 'AUTO', weaving them together into a new whole possessed by the same spirit, where unusual sounds are rejuvenated, recycled and transmuted into a resonant landscape that feels like it has a life of its own." --MMercury

Sound & illustration: Gili Mocanu
Assemblage: Miru Mercury
Cover Design: Ivo Petrov