I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel

I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel Cover

Jeremy Rice is Boston-area lover of synthesizers and synth music, striving to make his own electronic music with a curious sense of introspection and mystery as Abdicant and Curious Inversions with notable releases on Kahvi Collective and Mahorka. He is also in Cognition Delay, together with Paul Alexander (Pandacetamol, Fluffy Inside), in The Hive Project, with Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins) and in Asshole Galaxy, with Weldroid.

After his magical debut on Mahorka, "In-Group" from 2022, "I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel" is Abdicant's second album on the label, which is quite different...

"The author's memento mori, composed during a time of illness and recovery. Ruminations on the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs as "true." A chaotic mixing of musical influences, hardware and software, rhythm and tonality, light and dark."