Conspiracy Therapists
In the Place of a Vain Search for an Image of the Age

In the Place of a Vain Search for an Image of the Age Cover

"if I walk on this side
I can be in the sun
while on the cooler side
I get get get get get get
shit from everyone
they look you up and down
spit in my direction
insults, scowls, bottles thrown
another misdirection
smokers throw their butts
małpki, plastic cups
crisp bags, tickets
condoms, shizzhits
civilization's filth
staring into phones
zombies all alone
twiddling drones
vitamin D deficient
information delinquents
locked in gamester cycles
hard drive swipers
irate drunken late stumbler
kurwa mumbler
which tylko kebab
they slob the gob and rob
and get to go
hoodie goon hoodie goon
hoodie hoodie hoodie goon
hoodie goon hoodie goon
you wanna take a look of the cracker
hook the look of the slacker
make a real style hacker
want the look
scoop the look
be a banksy bankster
spanky wanker
twerkin' class hero
stuck on channel zero
hoodie goon hoodie goon
hoodie hoodie hoodie goon
hide the white supremacist face
face the police state
with hipster mistake
the fashion stolen from race
hoodie goon hoodie goon
aerosol astronaut

hoodie goon hoodie goon
tag a celtic cross
tag a cross a cross
spray it up spray it out
like a dog on a tree
take eyes out of fake news rags
teak head out of bags
turn the corner and see
hoodie goon hoodie
inside the corridor taking a pee
dogs on the leash
seriously muzzled crazy ass hounds
people eating beef
pigs in the sheet
from Wilda to Jeżycka
peoples swigging liquor

and it's poo pop poo
on the ground
poo poo poo
from the hound
poo poo poo
from the boxer
poo poo poo poo
then a bottle

down in the duckwork park
tree down tree down
buzz kill saw groan
stack up lumber for gas guzzler culture
comfy slumber and packaging paper
sell it to whoever
buzz kill saw chip flip off
clearcut blindside splattershow
througoughfare CEO counterdevelopment
fill the blocks with styles
for the stylites
white wine white paint
basement garages
dread boy dread girl
bald girl fan boy
boy toy date cut
the 75 colors your nails can be
driving in GPS TV
hoodie goon hoodie goon
now he gots his SUV

hoodie goon hoodie goon
now he works for corporate
concrete horizons

time has hit the shits fan back
to reset the major brain hack

who am we be
us them over the hump
stumped by trump and dumped in rivers
alien to oz and mobbed mars

oh my dear god
take this mic from my hands

-- was as if the person
had chopped himself up into
a million little pieces
and fanned out these fragments
of identity into a million
different places looking for
the beloved in the form of replies
and comments & tokens
of social recognition

--he admitted after a while
he did it mainly out of boredom
& agreed it might be just good practice
for when times got real again

-- assuming things were going
according to plan

-- I am sitting in a room
performing society of the spectacle"

released June 20, 2020

Conspiracy Therapists is a project by Jeff Gburek and Filippo Panichi.

Jeff Gburek lives in Poznań (Poland) while Filippo Panichi is from Firenze (Italy). Their first work together, "Parallel Spirals", was recorded during a longer stay of Jeff in Florence. Then the collaboration went on from the respective living places, culminating in the presented on Mahorka "In the Place of a Vain Search for an Image of the Age".