Fading Tapes
S​​​á​​​t​​​á​​​ntangó (Part I)

S​​​á​​​t​​​á​​​ntangó (Part I) Cover

Fading Tapes was formed in 2014 by Krzysztof Siwkowski (guitars and synths) and Marcin Lasek (drums and other effects) in Szczytno, Poland, mainly playing space-rock / post-rock and ambient music. Their main inspirations are independent cinema and life itself.

S​á​t​á​ntangó (Part I), their debut album on Mahorka, is imagined and realised as an alternative soundtrack to the Béla Tarr's movie, utilizing a guitar, a 1970s radio, drums and various effects.

Written and recorded by Krzysztof Siwkowski and Marcin Lasek in June, 2021.

Released February 24, 2024 on Mahorka as free (cc) digital download and a beautiful Digipak CD edition.