Stages Cover

Tokee is an alter-ego of the Russian/Israeli composer and sound engineer Anatoly Grinberg who has released numerous solo and collaborative albums and is mostly known as prominent Dark Ambient / Cinematic Drone / Industrial music composer. Tokee's new album "Stages", though, can be described as having roots in the early 80' synth wave and synth pop. This specific sound, amazingly aesthetically preserved also by the remixers with their unique twists on side B of the tape, and the very coming out as special cassette artefact take us back to Anatoly's childhood and youth before the Soviet Union was split, where those early electronica sounds fascinated and inspired him, and in many cases they were found on or recorded to tapes.

Released August 23, 2020 as free download and limited edition cassette.

Composed and produced by Anatoly Grinberg in Moscow, Russia in 2019-2020

Tracks 1 to 7 (Side A of the cassette) are all original tracks

Tracks 8 to 15 (Side B of the cassette) are all remixes, with additional production and remix by: MindDivided (8), Thermidor (9), aAirial (10), 4T Thieves (11), Frontier Guards (12), Autoclav1.1 (13), The Pixel Door (14) and UDPWNF (15)

Artwork design by Stefan Alt

In loving memory of Anatoly's beloved mother Natalia (1946-2017)