Sulamith Cover

We can view B CX' first album as consisting of three fractions: The first one is the big introduction, very dubstep burdened, but in actual fact 'dubstep' is only the frame that emphasizes the real deep musical idea. Yet the core of the LP is the second part: "Sulamith". The large - almost 19 minutes long - track deals with the terror during the Third Reich. Starting with a sample of an authentic exorcism ("A.M.") followed by his little sister's blurred voice ("Little Kids of Creek") up to a sample of the homonymous poem by Paul Celan. Since he was born in Dachau where the first concentration camp had been built, he tries to handle the impressions he received visiting it. "Rutten Angels" - embodying the epilogue - is some kind of a musical amoeba and can be played and listened to forwards as well as backwards. Richard Putz (B CX' real name) says: "The LP egins and ends numb and statically, while motions and very strong emotions only happen on the inside, what leads to a bone-crushing tension."

Richard Putz, who was born in 1993 in Germany, is studying Percussion at Mozarteum, Salzburg. He first came in touch with electronic music in the summer of 2010 and rapidly created his first track using Ableton Live. From May 2012 on when he started djing his vinyl his aim was to give the people in Salzburg an understanding of bass music, so he established the Dj formation âNew Town Bassâ in July. His work is basically under the influence of Aphex Twin, Arnold Schoenberg, Stockhausen, Barry Lynn, Ivan Shopov, 2562 and Amon Tobin.