his Namelessness Is Legion
A Stasis in Five Movements

A Stasis in Five Movements Cover

A Stasis in Five Movements is an experiment in dissolving random structures into immersive drones by processing, re-processing and layering. Each piece started out from a recording of a guitar-jam, with the output the first stage of â rather arbitrary, experimental â processing setting the tone for the further development of each drone. While the overall density of the sonic textures in intended to encapsulate the listeners in a bubble of stasis, the single streams of sound on the micro-levels move in time, space and timbre, which frequently intersect and from these intensity-nodes can be taken up via different musical routes at each new listening.

As Music is a temporal (as well as spatial) phenomenon, and drones are â at least in this case â a means to slow down the process further and further towards zero, it is encouraged to further experiment with the density of this Stasis by playing more than one Movement at a time, ideally all five at the same time from different sources in the room.

Listeners are invited to experiment with the playback situation and technology (blast them via your own guitar/bass amp, via a headphone or small speaker blaring into the mouthpiece of your tuba or any other ways of playback/distortion/amplification.

First, Third and Fourth Movement: Recorded at the Ivory Bunker by Nemo von Nirgends 2011 Second Movement: Recorded at the Temporary Kingdom of Hall B by Nishtonil Nix and Nemo von Nirgends 2011 Fifth Movement: Recorded extra ecclesiam by Tomoroh Hidari, and re-processed by Nemo von Nirgends using the Nulla Salus converter at Miscatonic Acoustics 2010 with additional processing at the Ivory Bunker 2011.

Mixed and Mastered by his Namelessness Is Legion and Oliver Stummer at the Ivory Bunker, Potemkinville/Vienna 2012

Cover artwork (this time not animated) by Leska