The Moodygoer Remixes Part I

The Moodygoer Remixes Part I Cover

With tracks only made of single synth improvisations, sampled movie ambiances and bits of ethereal guitars, "The Moodygoer" seemed like the ideal material for Konejo to set up a remix project. Inviting musician friends through social networks, the response was unexpectedly overwhelming, with no less than 23 artists offering their renditions of different tracks from the album. On this first volume, remixers from half a dozen countries - and Konejo himself - go way beyond the cinematic ambient boundaries of the original recordings to explore more beat-based and sometimes radical territories, from electronica and hip-hop to harsh noise, industrial music and experimental rock.

Mastered by Anatoly 'Tokee' Grinberg.

Artwork by Konejo, from the same photo used for the original album's artwork.

Released December 10, 2022