Another Fantastic Planet

Another Fantastic Planet Cover

Infragreen's been part of the Mahorka crew since the start of the label, but only recently he decided to finally put his unique headnodding productions out and claim his territory on the world sonic map.

Born in the picturesque town of Plovdiv, but residing in the capital Sofia, his music is just as eclectic as his homeland Bulgaria. Infragreen's tracks exhibit an elegant mixture of influences ranging from soul, jazz and funk through the sample-based J Dilla-inspired hip-hop to the glitchy and choppy sounds of contemporary electronic music. Different textures are meticulously woven into diverse sonic landscapes to create a certain kind of mood - one of relaxation and calmness. Call it future bass, electro-jazz, chillout rap or (as we prefer) just music... the tempo is slow and the sound is smooth so just press play and chill.

Cover artwork photo by Panayot Savov. Cover artwork design by Angel Draganov.