Encased in Amber
Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds Cover

The music of Encased in Amber tells it's stories through an intricate mesh of melodies and texture. Described as downtempo, ambient, and dreamy, Encased in Amber puts forth the concept that each time a piece of music is written it crystallizes what was felt and processed in that moment of time, like a fossil caught in amber.

The 'Parallel Worlds' project is intended as an audio-visual experience. The artwork of Jeroen Advocaat sets the scene with themes of distance, longing, and the alternative paths forged by the choices we make with our every decision. Told in ten movements over thirty minutes, producer and musician Bryan Gilstein sets genre aside in an attempt to sculpt a distinct and authentic musical voice.

Mastered by Vincent Kwok

released December 12, 2017