Abu Ama


"TOTEM" is Abu Ama's most personal and most varied release to date, a heavy trip through his musical ways, moments and directions, a stunning album that has been in preparations and waves of reiterations for almost as long as the earliest incarnations of some of the songs were done and, finally, towards the end of 2021, reached the stable form, monumentized on a limited edition of two c90 tapes.

released December 24, 2021

"Abu Ama's new album TOTEM is a feast for the ears and eyes. Abu Ama, the driving force behind Arabxo, brings dub, experimental, Arabic and Sufi dub in one. On this beautiful double binding he gives an overview of his work. A beauty of an album. As I have known Abu for a long time, full of dedication, always innovative, he takes this album to an amazing height." -- Pedro Maras a.k.a. BedouinDrone

"Abu Ama is an uprising worldwide artist in dub kind of music but presented in his very unique way and style. He's giving it many names. Lets point out "arabxo", as an abstract mixture of futuristic middle eastern scapes, voices and instruments with subsonic echoes of dubbed out bass. Sound manipulations far beyond the known in all its features. New and retrospective sounding at the same time. Messages in pads and atmospheres brought in a dub manner. All tunes recorded in one shot, one version at a time. Far further and further in dub science innovation his own way, Abu gladly represents his gypsy roots and creates his own roots mixture of beats and sounds that takes you on a journey with each tune. Each track has individual soul that can be literary felt from the speakers. Each tune carries different specific message, either spiritual, soul, social, ecological, political or related to many different things of today's earth life he cares about. Abu is displaying a channel of communication between his soul and you, the receiver, whose radio is set to receive this frequent waves of music. Music at its best. Music representing earth and universe at the same moment. All computer made, all dubs and overdubs compiled and arranged as perfect matter wall of sound. Welcome to the world of Abu Ama and dance till you get excited and incredibly overjoyed with warmth and wealth." --esoundc a.k.a. Autonomaton

All music and production by: Abu Ama

Additional music and production by: Zyontific Impact (track 7), Xiao Quan (track 13), BedouinDrone (track 21) and Autonomaton (track 25)

Artwork design: Ivo Petrov and Angel Draganov, utilizing public domain photos and bird photo by Ivan Ivanov