I don't exist

I don't exist Cover

Wayab is the main solo project by Nikola Marinov, who also has released on Mahorka under the Kanalen Pluh alter-ego.

Wayab was "created" through Nikola's earliest sound explorations and has since produced a steady output of released and unreleased material, starting with defining debut album "Tales From The Transcendent" [ODP, 2008].

Wayab comes from Mayan and means "dreamer". And, on the other hand, a "dreamer" is defined as "a visionary, an idealist, a person who dreams habitually, a person who lives in or escapes to a world of fantasy or illusion, escapist and most importantly a person guided more by ideals than by practical considerations."

With Wayab, just as with Kanalen Pluh, frequency and time domains provide the medium for the abstract language allowing expression of visions and views, feelings and emotions, ideas and critique, where words fail.

Cover artwork: Angel Draganov Artwork photo: Nikola Antonov