Juego Cover

Abluonihil is Renzo Peressi's legendary alter-ego born through Mahorka and with numerous releases on the label throughout the years. With this project Renzo usually concentrates on more microsoundish, glitchy atmospheres and pulses, creating an industrial/digital techno/ambient crossover. After the completely acoustic surprise he presented (as just Renzo Peressi) in our latest compilation Music for Elevators 4, we kinda expected something drastic would happen to the Abluonihil project too. And here we have the new mini-album, combining the trademark Abluonihil sound with (that's right!) acoustic instruments like piano and flute and also some field recordings subtly thrown in. This heterogenity is arranged with some more complex and lively rhythm patterns, which contributes to the more organic sound we have in the end.

Cover artwork by Lorena Barbosa