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Metaforma Cover

Méta - Forma

meta - from greek - beyond
forma - from latin - shape

Metaforma is an attempt to go beyond the familiar and overwhelming musical forms. It is the outcome of a straight, primordial and creative journey, where natural and artificial sounds, human and machine noises, memories from the past and visions of the future overlap, and all these elements are blended in a meditative and hypnotic flux of sounds. Metaforma represents the call to go beyond the first layer of shape and texture, a true desire for a physical and mental experience, a doorway to a deeper and unusual state of consciousness.

Side A: produced through modular synths, field recording, baritone saxophone, electric organ.

A1. Abgrund 05:52
A2. Adonai 03:42
A3. Ani malia 03:23
A4. Archeo 05:41
A5. Mine Ralia 03:30
A6. Sophia 04:13

Side B: Several layers of tones are produced by a harmonic generator, and combined through two different Tape recorders. (Thanks to the delay and the noises produced by the tape recorders, notes occur in an unpredictable way, and create always different patterns and shimmering drones)

B1. Remorae 14:10

released September 23, 2018 as free (cc) digital download and a limited edition (50 pcs) cassette tape.

artwork picture by: Francesco Palluzzi
tape/artwork design by: Angel Draganov