III Cover

"In just four songs TFSL creates worlds that need decades to be explored. The music in 'III' is drowned in tape hiss as we need it to be, it's as dreamy as its roots in shoegazing psychedelia but has somehow managed to remain as punchy and primal as any underground rock record born and raised on the Balkans. All stories need to have their epic ending, but we should all hope we're able to experience many more chapters of Tales From The Sleeping Land before we find oursevels dragged back into reality by the tapedeck autostop." --Angel Simitchiev

"the friend said :
don't miss moments when inspiration is crawling
don’t miss moments when inspiration is crawling ... then i pressed start !
Feeling the slow unwinding of the magnetic tape, coming and promising.
Probably still waiting for a new story to come, tales - i am, you are, i hope.
A memory - the monolites remain from ages - inert but so flamboyant.
The boy in filigree is watching through … you will not wait too long.
Things coming, coming stronger, growing, growing stronger with the consent of that pedestal free sax coming, coming from a graduated fun house, do you believe it - i do
Soon, you will normally be jealous of Kaloyan Ivanov, for sure.
Hell ! Are you still waiting ? Come on throw yourself ! hurry up, the dreamer doesn't wait any longer
the surf and some wanderings around will make you, perhaps, wait (again?) too late ?
This ultra sonic boy is coming,
i say : THAT ultra sonic boy is not coming ... he is !
Then, Are you still in filigree ?
Are you still from this land ?
TM / 19 mars 2018" --Thierry Massard

"Thanks to Ivo Petrov, Angel Draganov, Yasen Penchev, Vasil Goranov, Danail Nenkov and to everybody who did not give up believing in me" --Kaloyan Ivanov

released April 5, 2018

Composed and produced by Kaloyan Ivanov
Saxophone on "Easter(n) Story" by Danail Nenkov
Mastering by Yasen Penchev
Cover artwork, cassette and digipak design by Angel Draganov
Proudly published by Mahorka in 2018