Kevin Bryce
A Blameless Land

A Blameless Land Cover

Kevin Bryce is based out of Vancouver, Canada. Currently he makes electronic music that falls loosely into the ambient and downtempo genres. He has been making music since 1982. His latest efforts have focused on trying to express sonically the things that have influenced him throughout his life.

"I've always been amazed at the ability music has to capture moments in time. Listen to a song you haven't heard in a while and memories from that time will come flooding back, the people you knew, the feelings you had at the time, where your head was at, etc. Conversely, with some music, you can close your eyes and imagine things that have never existed. That is what I try to do with the music I make today. It is my hope that the listener will sit back, close their eyes and feel a sense of nostalgia for a moment that never existed, remember a scene that never happened.

I hope as well that this music will be played as background music. I hope it is just audible enough to be heard behind conversations, yet loud enough to creep into the conscious mind during a quiet moment.

Most of all, it is my hope that someone somewhere will enjoy listening to this music as much as I enjoyed making it."

The tracks in his debut release on Mahorka were inspired by nature and the time he has spent in the forests of British Columbia. "I think the dichotomy between nature and technology was the biggest influence on most of these works. "When I'm feeling really egotistical I like to pretend I'm like Proust documenting my own history in art, except using electronic music instead of literature. So these songs are personal vignettes in a way, moments from my past that I've tried to musically recreate."

1. Both roads lead to the harbour
2. Buttered stairways (Remix)
3. Woodland creatures
4. Mazes
5. Grass meets astroturf
6. On the banks of the river blank
7. Missile calculus