Sven Phalanx + Brainquake
From The Oblivion Lounge

From The Oblivion Lounge Cover

Mahorka is more than a label, it is also a place where artists meet and collaborate. Sven Lemke (Sven Phalanx,Andreas Davids + Sven Phalanx, Schattenspiel, Schwarzwald) and Marc Ceulemans (Brainquake, Zonevreemd, Toxic Derwish, Psych Krist Kastrator) have both had already outstanding contributions to the catalog when Marc was invited to remix Sven's "Klangtherapie" for the special remix album ( and they got to know and meet each other. Since they had many similarities in background and musical preference, they decided to compose and produce something together. This collaboration worked just perfectly and soon they suprised the label with the ten tracks of "From The Oblivion Lounge" album as presented here. From desolate ambient and rough rhythmic experimental to technoid industrial, they made this all sound very different but coherent. We can hear a lot of both of them here, but also something completely different, befitting the harshness of today's society.

released February 20, 2022

cover artwork: Marc Ceulemans