Adriano Cava

Lineology Cover

Adriano Cava is an artist based in Turin, Italy. He is part of the New Weird Italia collective and co-founder of the "screw wave" label Riforma. Adriano plays with tape, electricity and various sonic masses to explore sounding environments.

Adriano Cava's debut on Mahorka was finalized under the name "Lineology" after a few iterations of the sonic contents, names, sides order and design in discussions with the label.

“These tracks originated from a basic approach to sounds. Focusing only on the frequencies' "mass", I warped and sculpted it following irregular imaginary lines.

When some granular samplers, a digital delay and a synth got stuck in a circular resampling chain, they started generating feedbacks, saturation and clipping. Listening to and contemplating this "sonic stalemate" I began to deepen it by stretching and pitching down each texture and each note.

The "magnetic" side replays the same game using an old magnetophone (a Castelli tape recorder borrowed from a friend). Each "digital" track is overdubbed in a singular reel loop and then expanded again, adding few new elements.

Both processes were dark and unconscious. The eight (4+4) tracks, split in two sides of a tape, are still open, intentionally released without a final edit.”

Released March 25, 2023 as free (cc) digital download and limited cassette edition.

SIDE A: Digital Lines I - IV
SIDE B: Magnetic Lines I-IV

Recording, mixing, mastering: Adriano Cava

Cover Artwork: Adriano Cava and Ivo Petrov