Autonomaton + Pandacetamol
Autopanda Pandanomaton

Autopanda Pandanomaton Cover

Paul and Niki first encountered one another on Dr Walker's "We Call It Acid" forum around 14 years ago... or maybe it was at the "Psychedelic Kitchen"... Anyway, Pandacetamol and eSoundC (later on starting his solo electronic project Autonomaton) bonded over a mutual love of off-the-wall and psychedelic electronica. As the years past, the internet kept them connected with lots of music people in common, but they never managed to work together. Until now.

In a collaboration long overdue, jokingly titled "Autopanda Pandanomaton" by the Mahorka label boss (which eventually they loved and it stayed), they revisit each other's ideas in experimental dub, abstract electronica, idm and ambient ending up in a coherent new direction that leaves us asking for more.

released August 21, 2022

Music: Niki Stanchev (Autonomaton) and Paul Alexander (Pandacetamol)

Artwork: public domain photo collage