4T Thieves

Details Cover

"A sentimental journey from warm analog sounds, designed to make you remember past times." -- 4t Thieves

"It is very apparent that Nik at Kahvi Collective knows how to keep the proverbial wheels spinning. He’s run the long-standing net-label for over a decade, and continues to renew his own sound within the 4T Thieves moniker. On Details, a color spectrum is revealed, lightly doused in low-fi piano keys, ambient interludes, and downtempo trails. In fact, each piece is given a specified color, allowed to ease its way into the subconscious with distilled, nostalgic hues. “Green,” “Aqua,” “Orange,” “Amber,” and “Grey” seamlessly verge into Boards of Canada-influenced vivid surrealism. While not entirely parallel, however, the sonic themes segue through a myriad of melody strands, pleasant and uplifting for these trying times. And just as 4T Thieves releases this 7-pack extended suite, tranquil and mildly steering vintage synths, this third EP for Mahorka oozes instrumental percussive bits and melancholic vistas." -- Igloo Magazine

released January 29, 2017

Cover artwork: Igor Romanov (photo) and Angel Draganov (design)