Secret Silence

Secret Silence Cover

"The basic idea of the Secret Silence project was to bring together acoustic and electronic instruments in a very easy and playful way for live performance.

Secret Silence covers a wide stylistical range from abstract soundscapes to song-like tracks.

Some of the musical ideas of this project are derived from my previous work in film scoring which is why it has somewhat of cinematic feel. Think of it as a soundtrack for an imaginary movie.

During rehearsals with the amazing cello player Andre Ryabinets we added piano and cello parts, wonderfully played by Andre with a great amount of musicality and precision. So it also became a kind of improvisation for cello and piano, extending beyond just electronic tracks.

I would also like to thank Diego Mune for his very sensitive electric guitar playing on track 1."

-- Art Denisson

  1. Far and Away
  2. Harmonics
  3. Something and Sometimes
  4. Moll and Dur
  5. Jam with JSB & GG
  6. Nightingale Bow
  7. Like a Song

Polyphonics is an alter-ego project by composer and musician Art Denisson where he comes up with a unique mergers of electronics, electroacoustics and acoustics. "Secret Silence" is the project's debut on Mahorka. The release also features Andre Ryabinets on cello and Diego Mune on electric guitar apart from Art Denisson on piano, electronics and all else.

Cover artwork: Angel Draganov

Released: August 27, 2016