PANTA RHEI (πάντα ῥεῖ)

PANTA RHEI (πάντα ῥεῖ) Cover

xDEx is a project and main scene pseudonym of Victor Prodanov. Lately, the constant accelerating societal decay and de-stricturation, the alienating aspects of the globalisation processes and the so called “common thought” became, by their unavoidability and omnipresence, a field of inspiration and cynicism for this project. Victor's longstanding fascination with DIY digital and analog electronics has put out a solid emprunt over his sound.

The release “PANTA RHEI” is his first and hopefully not the last on Mahorka, after years of discussions, preparations, variants and waiting for the right circumstances in the right moment to come for this debut on the label. Most of the drum parts are produced with 808 and 909 clones, the non-melodic sound layers are mostly filtered spring and digital reverbs, various overdrives and distortions, feedback loops; there are extensive modular synth recordings and most of the paddy parts originate from a FM8 clone and a Waldorf Blofeld. All tracks were recorded on a multitrack at one shot, with little post-editing.

released July 11, 2019