Vanishing Corridor
Vanishing Corridor

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Vanishing Corridor is the synthesis of American sound experimenters Kingo Sleemer (Western Maryland) and Chris Campbell (St. Paul, Minnesota).

Campbell has been recording dark ambient/sound collage/field-recorded soundscapes as The Creeping Man since 2017, both as self-releases and on various labels (Hrea'm Recordings, Mono Time, Dub Cthonic, Veinte 33, Preston Capes Tapes, Wormhole World, and Shady Ridge Records), most recently finding inspiration via collaborations with like-minded artists.

Kingo has been part of the experimental music collective Halaka since the late 90s, with whom he's recorded and released many albums in many formats; he has recently recorded and released music as Allele Cog Experiment, HOZ and Experimental College. He is also a co-founder of Pile Records.

The two share an affinity for the absurd, the obtuse, and the off-kilter.

Vanishing Corridor started as a back-and-forth exercise of sound sharing and manipulation, without preconceived themes or intentions.

The project debuts on February 18, 2024 on Mahorka with a beautiful self-titled cassette release.

Artwork by Tod Trexler / Ivo Petrov.