Soul Flask
The Cassandra Complex

The Cassandra Complex Cover

"Basically the project came into being from the job I do. I work in the waste/recycling industry and have done for 3 years. When I first started I was absolutely mortified at how wasteful we are in this country and likely most of the developed world. There is so much food waste (tins, dried goods that get thrown away even though they are perfectly fine). I eat what I think is OKay. Me and others also find gold, silver, rolex watches etc. I found a bottle of whiskey valued at 1400 pounds. So i was seeing all this waste and then seeing homeless people in the street asking me for money. I would buy them a sandwich and a drink. I sank into a place of strange but thoughtful depression and anxiety. Then we had this idea that you could look inside a skip and come up with a quality band name. I came up with 'Half eaten loaf', The rotten carpets, Then I saw a broken thermos flask with all these old photos next to it. Peoples memories... Soul Flask just popped in my head. I then set about taking inspiration for a musical project with influences taken directly from rubbish. Some musical instruments and old vhs tapes provided a catalyst of at least creating a musical message to this madness.

The flask appeared empty, but it wasn't. It triggered a thought.. That our bodies are vessels. Our Soul can either be damaged or enlightened throughout life. We boil down our whole life's experience, knowledge and thought, then we carry forward that knowledge and information within ourselves. Within our Flasks, keeping that liquid warm. It's important that when the liquid overflows out of our Flask, that it does so in a positive way. A helpful and responsible way that can only promote good, so as that other peoples flasks don't get contaminated. It's only by following that lifestyle that we can truly transform and then together, we can all go into the future.

With a clarity of soul.

Most tracks have a direct message to them. Usually just questioning our accepted culture as normal without challenging it. But when looking at the bigger picture of which society does its very best to hide. You can't help but wonder just how long we can sustain ourselves like this. I mean, we all need things to survive. But when these things come to their expiry. We cannot just bury them in landfill. That behaviour is the equivalent to the whole of the human race burying its head in the sand."

released April 22, 2020

on the occasion of Earth Day

Recorded between July 2019 and March 2020

Artwork by Remona Poortman De Roos

"Much love to Jeffers, Sandie, Ivo, Pietro (IglooMag), WastedCake, Alec & Clay, Steven (LFM), All the Andyʼs, Jared (Gabbermaster 2000), Esa Juhani Ruoho and of course my family"

Special thanks to Babs Graham (for the additional artwork circa 1930)

“Civilisation is in a race between education and catastrophe.” - H.G Wells