Zonevreemd + Sai
To stare blankly in these empty spaces

To stare blankly in these empty spaces Cover

released December 1, 2023

A collaboration between Marc Ceulemans (who has released as Brainquake, Toxic Derwish, Zonevreemd and is based in Belgium) and Yasen Penchev (Sai, Bulgaria) is something we have always dreamed of and when we were approached with Zonevreemd's new album work in process of taking shape, we immediately felt this is the one where the magic is to happen. And happen it did, ending up not just featuring Sai's guitars on some tracks but being a full-on co-authored and co-produced, an album of both of them. "To stare blankly in these empty spaces" is a proof of the ability of music to traverse geographical and genre boundaries.

"In empty spaces when staring at nothing, with narrowed eyes, there is sound and blurred vision."

Marc and Yasen have not only bridged the physical distance that separates them but have also combined their artistic visions in a unique synergy that resonates deeply with the human experience. It's an invitation to explore emotions, thoughts, and dreams that lie hidden within the quiet spaces of existence. It beckons you to engage with its beauty, one track at a time, and to discover the profound landscapes that can be painted in the emptiness between the dynamism and emotional intensity, a contemplative backdrop that allows you to explore the emotional spectrum within those empty spaces...

All instruments and sounds by Marc Ceulemans and Yasen Penchev.
Mastering by Yasen Penchev.
Cover artwork by Marc Ceulemans.

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