Lost data

Lost data Cover

"Lost data" is an album arranged on the basis of a selection of unreleased and forgotten versions of tracks that Sai made between 2004-2008, representing his early ideas and sequences with sample-based and computer generated music, fused into the styles of drum and bass, industrial and breaks. The new album masters have been slightly retouched now (with the original mixing projects lost years ago) and in 2020 this music not only proves itself to have stood amazignly against time, but comes out fresher than ever.

released May 23, 2020

Vocal sample on track 2 from Pistamashina's track "Data back" (Sai was officially working on a remix for them back in the day and used a sample here).
Piano intro in track 4 played by Plamen De Reu.
Vocal samples on tracks 4 and 8 from Milenita's track "Tunela" (stems were originally available under creative commons license for a remix contest back in the day).