George Christian
Secretos Universos

Secretos Universos Cover

A music for a city which doesn't think to be from a universe and for a universe which doesn't think to be of humanity.

  1. O Portão 03:44
  2. Segredos nos Ouvidos das Paredes de uma Escola de Música 21:23
  3. Secretos Universos (1o. Movimento) 11:57
  4. Secretos Universos (2o. Movimento) 16:45
  5. Secretos Universos (Anastasia Vronski remix) 10:04

Released November 1, 2018.

George Christian - piano, guitar, field recordings, Virtual ANS synth, electroacoustic composition.

All the tracks were composed by George Christian Vilela Pereira, except track 05 - by George Christian and Anastasia Vronski (remixing).

Mixing and mastering in Adobe Audition CS6.

Tracks 01 and 02: recorded at Music School of UFBA.

Tracks 03 and 04: recorded at home and at Menasnota Studio.

Produced by George Christian. Sound engineering: Heitor Dantas > tracks 03 - 05. Graphic art project: Isabela Seifarth.

Recorded from 2015 to 2017, prepared from June to September 2017 and October 2018.