4T Thieves
Mahorka Netlabel Day Mashup

Mahorka Netlabel Day Mashup Cover

In anticipation of and as a warm-up for the Netlabel Day 2015 we present to you a fantastic mashup of Mahorka classics, done by our friend 4T Thieves from Kahvi Collective. Bear in mind that this is not your usual mix of tracks following each other. You do have the seamless transitions, but one track playing at a time is a very rare occassion and, instead, two or three tracks are playing simultaneously throughout most of the set, with some of them tracks fading out just to pop up again (and even again) later on. And there you have a completely new way of listening to the tracks, a composition of compositions, a perfect trip through Mahorka that 4T Thieves recorded as part of the Netlabel Day celebrations!

Tracks, in order of apperance: Mloski - I Want To Space // Nisho - Over De Trees // DaoLogic - Source Vive // Kevin Bryce - Asthma Limpid Fireside // Sevensy - Almost Did // Bosto - September Eleven // Groove Formation - Midnight Dubbing // Kanalen Pluh - Memories From a Dream // DaoLogic - Lingua Morta // C.Krumov - El // Lackluster - Dynaspheres // DiE - Degraded Beauty (Manually Controlled by Esem) // Mloski - Study of Flying // Amotken - Resonance from the Soul of the Universe // B CX - Anchorale // First Kid in Roma - Ten // DaoLogic - Autoban // Restive - Visible Signs // Restive - Not Always An Option // E.U.E.R.P.I. - Shine On You Crazy Diamond // Amotken - Dawn // Mytrip - Signs Of Secrets // Balkansky and AyseDebuz Gokcin - High Hopes // Leaver + Portable Elephant + Weinberger - Raincircle // Nname - Kryc en Pryc // Infragreen - Another Fantastic Planet (Jad Atoui Remix) // Kevin Bryce - Asthma Limpid Fireside // Aneff - Mel (Maliemaxed by DiE) // Infragreen - Star Trails (Tim Koch's Heart of the Volcano Remix) // Sevensy - Greeting // The Kirbi - Flashlight

released 04 July 2015

All tracks previously released on Mahorka. mahorka.org
Mixed live and recorded by 4T Thieves from Kahvi Collective. kahvi.org
Cover artwork by Angel Draganov.