Tomoroh Hidari

小さな夢達 Cover

This is Tomoroh Hidari (Ivory Bunker Records, Record Label Records, Isolate Records) first new album since 2012's Some Stars not yet Black Holes, featuring tracks mostly composed over the last 2 or three years, with 1 or 2 going back even further.
Its texture is composed of a mix of field recordings, samples, lush synth pads and heavy basses and intricate beats; while guitars, melodica and toy Theremin - all played by Hidarisan himself - also make an appearance.

  1. Sword of no Sword
  2. 空 (read: ku - meaning: emptiness. In the Buddhist/Zen meaning)
  3. Owl-Stretching Time
  4. 秋 (read: aki - meaning: autumn)
  5. 猫ホップ (read: NekoHop)
  6. メランコリー (read: Melancholy)
  7. 山寺 (read: Yamadera - meaning Mountain Temple. A Temple in Yamagata Prefecture)
  8. Sketches of Pain

The title - 小さな夢達 (Chiisana Yumetachi) - translates as "Small Dreams": In a world where we’re constantly told to dream big, it is about the Zen of the moment. It is about observing our thoughts and dreams: letting them come and go, rather than chasing after them.
The songs themselves are little vignettes, dealing with Zen (空/Ku) and Samurai philosophy (Sword of No-Sword - inspired by Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of 5 Rings), absurdism (Owl-Stretching Time), cats (猫ホップ/Nekohop), memories (山寺/Yamadera) and finish with a farewell to melancholy (Sketches of Pain).

released July 7, 2020

All music written and performed by Tomoroh Hidari
Cover artwork: dfkt.
(Based on a photo by Tomoroh Hidari)