Marco Pianges

Removal Cover

Marco Pianges uses sine waves, concrete sounds and white noise as his source material since '97, searching for "personal melodic sonorous" forms. He graduated Electronic Music at the Conservatory in Trapani (Sicily). His debut cd release "Inside Implosion" is released in 2008 for the german label Retinascan. Same year he plays at III Congress of Electronic Indipendent Music and at the Live Ixem08 Festival, both in Palermo. At the Volcano Film Fest he introduces his first audiovisual project: "Vdeoad". In 2009 he collaborated on the italian documentary shortfilm: "Be water my friend".

He is a member of AMP2 (advanced music e media pool palermo) and together with Tim Hodkingson released "Hums" for Bowindo Recordings. Meanwhile he participates with Messina Marco at the Blu ri.der Festival, Catania. In 2010 he plays in Wien with the collective AMP2 and in Naples presents a new solo project. Next audiovisual collaboration was with Seb Patane for "Year of the Corn". Last year he composed music for "Magenta" by Bracchi Edda. In April, together with Messina Carmen, he proposed an audio performance about the historic period of Italian Resistance.

"All objects there are can be heard. This is the "trivial" idea that led me to compose Removal.

Domestic objects of all kinds: boxes, american tape, pans, appliances, furniture, everything can be taken away in a removal.

Composed entirely of concrete sounds, then processed through my laptop."