Ева Cover

"Eva" ("Ева" in cyrillic) is an album - collaboration between Petersburg's poet Eva Lifson and the group Daologic (already presented with two instrumental albums on Mahorka). Abstract trip-hop approaches, turning into glitch at times, form the perfect environment for Eva's metaphysical declamation - the first, technical layer of percieving the album. Covered underneath lies the whole spectrum of worldly interactions, expressed through a game in beads between the subtly moving fluid light (female) and the dark unshakable heaviness (male). The eternal animus cushions and strokes the hair of a light, rhythmical, almost childish recitative, providing the trance-inducing synergy allowing for the frankly deep, physical experience.The pattern is familiar to many men and provokes almost paternal feelings, but actually it's pure sex.

The first track sets a cold, detached tone. The girl does not want to get to knowing you, on the run, even in the aesthetic space, as long as she does not see something offered in return. For openness and reciprocity, one has to present their time and attention. It happens to be not difficult at all and even pleasant as the album is charming from the very first notes. A wise man will get the introductory coldness as a beauful promise.

By the fourth song the album becomes almost a confession. The kind of outpouring you have when, choking on the flow of thoughts that neeed to be expressed, one tries to put it all out, true to self. But this same situation provokes in her the whole lot of questions, which have bothered the human race for not just a single millenium... and she immediately starts seeking answers, and they, of course, can't but appear reduced to a simplistic description of her surrounding, of the percieved reality, built on confused thoughts. She bursts into laughter, then sobs. And the music there at this very point is doing nothing else but stroking her hair...

Such metaphysical excursions sometimes happen to end in hysterias or even worse... But Eva and Daologic turned the eternal game into a masterpiece album.