Suoni Оlofonici

Suoni Оlofonici Cover

"Suoni Olofonici" is the new realization of Strepitvsitvs and the long-awaited and discussed debut release on Mahorka for the duo. The album is meant to be a sort of inner self-reflection as well as a very personal study about environmental connections between people and places. The focus is set on the Montello hill, near the Piave river, pretty close to their hometown. It's a really peculiar site, where nature, history, legends, and mysteries are all mixed up together in a unique way. "Suoni Olofonici" represents the duo's feelings and visions of it in a uniquely rich way and also is expression of their will to define a standalone enviroment, to execute an introspective journey through memories and sensations, inspired by a magical location, under the form of an audio description.

released February 8, 2020