Thomas Park
Mahorka Remixes Vol​.​4 (Early Mahorka Iterations)

Mahorka Remixes Vol​.​4 (Early Mahorka Iterations) Cover

In 2019, Thomas Park suggested to work with Mahorka on a new project, to use his generative composition techniques coded in Python to remix one or more releases. Label curator Ivo Petrov furnished Thomas with a set of tracks from the early Mahorka catalog [2001-2006], selected specifically for the purpose at hand. Using his Python tools, Thomas extracted and edited fragments/loops from the tracks and created different sets of iterations.The results were quite magical to Thomas. He felt that there was something special behind the sounds, the combinations, so he arranged an album out of selected tracks, further mastered them and presented that as a suggestion for Mahorka release. After hearing the album Ivo realised this should be the perfect revival of the "Mahorka Remixes" series that had had three volumes, 10-12 years earlier (reworks of Mahorka material by Iversen (vol.2) and Adrian Juarez (vol.1 and vol.3)). So here is "Mahorka Remixes Vol.4 (Early Mahorka Iterations)".

Released: November 23, 2019

Used are fragments from the following artists's releases on Mahorka from the period 2001-2006: Iversen, Scell, Abluonihil, Muemmel, Sevensy, Baikonour, 80juan80, Lukas Scholler, Tusuri, Yourai, his Namelessness Is Legion, Transcendent Device.

Python coding, remixing and mastering by Thomas Park.

Cover artwork: Thomas Park treatment of a public domain photo.