Monovista Bounce

Monovista Bounce Cover

Takamu is a collaboration between Adrien Capozzi (Oregon USA), Michael Upton (Wellington NZ) and Tim Koch (Adelaide, Australia).

Having been musical compadres for many years prior, Adrien (Adrien75, Tawdry Otter, Dolphins Of Venice) Michael (Jet Jaguar, Patio, Tonkyn Pearson) and Tim (10:32, Dolphins of Venice, Isolated Gate) eventually formed a habit of sharing unfinished songs and sound snippets thus an eventual moniker was mashed together containing aspects of their respective birth-names.

Michael kicked things off with rhythmic bones which Tim and Adrien fleshed out with guitar pickings, drum beatings, field recordings, and other miscellanies. The three of them massaged the results into a shape that greets you in the form of “Monovista Bounce”, released on 04.12.2022 as free (cc) digital download and a limited edition cassette on Mahorka.

All songs by Takamu
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