Whrall Variations

Whrall Variations Cover

"Skylined's Whrall was the thirteenth release on Mahorka, but instead of bringing fatalistic doom to the label it was the release that pushed it strongly further towards achieving inter-galactic respect and becoming a dominant universal power which envelops everything and everyone in a warm blanket of noise and sine waves... Well, admittedly, that's pushing it a bit, but it nicely sums up the feeling of this event, if not exactly the facts.

So, Mahorka's #100 release - Whrall Variations - is both a nostalgic memory of those grand times, a precious souvenir of the years that passed since then, and a celebration of what Mahorka is today - a little corner on the Internet where interesting and experimental music seeps into the headphones of all who have a taste for torn boundaries and synaesthesia-inducing sounds.

Whrall Variations contains exactly what it says on the tin - variations of Whrall created by dear friends who have shaped throughout the years the widely spread veil of all the styles Mahorka have come to encompass: ambience with a sense of dread and doom, dynamic glitchy rhythms, thick walls of sound, dreamy soundscapes that seem to eliminate gravity, the rattle of imaginary machines, and the hum of billions of neutrinos flowing through your eardrums.

We cordially invite you on this trip. Bring along friends and don't forget your towels." -- Angel Draganov (Polygon Ring)

Remixing/collaborating artists: Yordan Iliev (acoustic guitar), Alexander Asenov (el. guitar and boss gt8), Boyan Bratanov, Mytrip, Mloski, Sound_00, Ikipr, Adrián Juárez, Iversen, Sevensy, Abluonihil, Tomoroh Hidari, Swamps Up Nostrils, Remell.

Cover artwork photos: Bilyana Mancheva Cover artwork design: Angel Draganov