Nonima + Dissolved

Neurophosis Cover

Nonima is a project by Tam Ferrans - based out of Scotland, UK who also produces as Mitoma and is a member of Peltiform.Tam also curates the renown Section27 label which has released over 200 albums / EP's since 2009.

Dissolved (Paul Daniels) is an electronic musician and visual artist from Glasgow, Scotland. He makes an eclectic blend of electronic, drone, ambient and experimental music and has also released on Daddytank records, Section27 and his own Dissolvedamberrooms label. Currently based in Vancouver where he stays with 2 cats and a bird.

Nonima and Dissolved have collaborated numerous times, be it for collaboration albums / EPs on Section27 or elsewhere or remixing each other's solo works. "Neurophosis" is an album of more experimental and abstract character that is also their first release in cassette edition and just the perfect Mahorka debut for them.

Released November 25, 2023 as free (cc) digital download and limited cassette edition.

All tracks written and produced by Nonima and Dissolved, 2023
Mastering by Nonima
Artwork and layout by Dissolved
"Thanks to Ivo"