Stream Cover

Acrossthevacuum is that project of Boyan Avramov (Teeth of Divine, Changing Perspectives, Loshi Petli) and Asen Santev (Trysth, Upyr) that just had to happen when the two got in touch and jamming together on different occassions and in different contexts. And they just had to have this very special Mahorka Acrossthevacuum session as a debut release.

It all started with the idea of some krautrock, incorporating long psychedelic passages with momentary seizures, influenced by proto-electronic music (1 - "Across the Vacuum"). The album's title track then (2 - "Stream") happened most directly and spontaneously and here we go with Boyan vs Asen for а more of a noise composition with slight extreme metal influences that came out most easily and naturally, neatly completing the kind-of-introductory (to the project and to this Mahorka session) A-side.

Approaches and overall situation are different on the B-side of the cassette, where, for example, the main theme of the first track (3 - "Diemensional Waltz") came from Boyan's bass playing in a random jam session, which was awesome but in 3/4. Then the hard part was to make the track actually not sound like a waltz. Completing the album (4 - "Annihilation (Chaos Mix)") is the amalgama of an idea that originated from a jam with Trysth, where, while feeding some minimalistic beating out of the machines, Boyan said the word "annihilation" and it got swirled up in a strangely interesting loop. Experiments continued with layering other bad-events-related (that just have that sounding) words and using their summed intonation to form a kind of harmony which Asen loved and threw in some monotrone colours and more love. This album's version of "Annihilation" is actually a mix of all the recorded sessions of the idea, that happened in different spaces and times, with each contributing its own context and charm to the "Chaos Mix".

Released May 1, 2017 as free digital download and limited edition cassette available through Mahorka Bandcamp page.

Music by: Boyan Avramov and Asen Santev
Cover painting by: Osman Yuseinov
Cover design: Angel Draganov