BedouinDrone + Runi Graph

Taliban Cover

"Taliban" EP is a collaboration between BedouinDrone and Runi Graph that was spontaneously launched around a year and a half prior to the release when Runi Graph drummed on some existing tracks by BedouinDrone and sent him the overdubs. Then more sounds were exchanged in both directions and new exciting music started to take shape and direction that was finalized in this first officially released EP from the hopefully ongoing collaboration of the duo. We are really happy to present this work on Mahorka, where both artists have released earlier and had their defining debuts, with BedouinDrone's album "The Border" from 2018 in and Runi Graph's "For I know that the view of a tree is not subjective" EP from 2021.

released August 6, 2022

Music by BedouinDrone (Tracks 1-10) and Runi Graph (Tracks 5 and 7-10)

Artwork by BedouinDrone