Source Vive

Source Vive Cover

The music in "Source Vive", as always with the instrumental/electronic collective from St. Petersburg, Russia, comes from things the project members stumble upon, dive in, jump on or just find themselves surrounded by.

"Harmony and meditation, sleep and thinking, movement and perception". Yet another convergent set of inspirations - yet another downtempo chillout electronica journey happening through convergent set of space and time frames.

For "Source Vive" DaoLogic utilize a different new set of live and sampled acoustic and electronic instruments, blend them into their trademark warm and crispy programming of beats and atmospheres.

You enter through the DaoLogic portal for a journey that runs smoothly, without extrasistoles, throughout. And that is worth explicitly noting, knowing how the album is sprinkled with one of their ever braver spectrums of tiny (or not that much) stylistical spicings. From prog-rocky synth lines of the welcome track, through the jazzy pianos, jingly singing guitars and brass, the uptempo trippiness of "Rush Tuxedo" transmuting into the beatless "Reset Earth", setting the stage for forgotten tribes' languages and rhythms... reaching the epic ambient electronica synthwork time machine that is the title track "Source Vive", the last in this album.

released 27 January 2014
Cover photo by: DaoLogic
Cover artwork by: Angel Draganov