Shadhavar Cover

shadhavar, an album written, composed and performed by yourai represents his first multitrack record made exlusively for mahorka.

„again, refusing to ask the electronic machines for help, yourai sets his lands of vocal expressions between rhythm pleasure and raw experimantation, influenced by throat singers, freak hop and holy minimalism.

the concept of shadhavar is coded in a story hidden in the verses of inunderstandable lyrics and vocal audio soundscapes. it is a drawing of a specific tale, a hermetic vision rich with densely layered networks of feelings.“

(taken from „anima animalica“ - review by agnes f?ppe)


  1. recalling of the woods
  2. evil dance
  3. thirst
  4. pure dreams
  5. brevis
  6. sand, mug, leader's threat
  7. follow our hair
  8. dying unicorns
  9. planctus


all songs written, produced and performed by yourai.

no unicorns were hurt or harmed during the recording.

sleeve design by sugahtank: cover photo by yourai

recorded in bratislava, in august 2007.

for more information, visit: booking: youraiatgmaildotcom

many thanks and applause to:

ivo petrov, isobutane, aris, lenka, willko, imiafan, moduretik, pavel, adam, nikki, veverka, deko, yannis and rol?k.

(c) 2007 juraj hubin?k / yourai.