Matrjoschka Cover

DR (Dominic Razlaff) is a sound artist from Germany. He uses synthesizers, acoustic instruments (Ukulele, Cavaquinho, Guitar), field recordings, tape loops and granular synthesis to create soaked in melancholy ambient / drone soundscapes.

A bit after debuting on Mahorka with his highly acclaimed collaboration album with Blanket Swimming ("The Lightning Gallery") he found an old sketch, unfinished Ukulele piece, which was a little bit boring recording, but had something special to it. Out of it he made some tape loops (with a Fostex x-15) to see what can come out and really liked the results. From these tape loops the three "Matrjoschka" compositions were finished. The release title comes from the "matrjoschkas" that have been around him in his living room, the only decoration that links to his ancestry from his father's side, born and growing up in east Europe and central Asia.

Released December 28, 2020

All music by Dominic Razlaff

Cover artwork photo by Dominic Razlaff